Table 6

Analysis of factors associated with the morbidity of migrant workers with pneumoconiosis

VariablesβOR95% CI
Dust exposure*
 Yes6.21499.2568.33 to 3647.59
Someone smoking in the workplace*
 Yes1.745.672.18 to 14.78
Regular sleeping hours per night*
 Yes−1.470.230.09 to 0.60
 Both*−2.370.090.01 to 0.65
 Natural−0.380.690.15 to 3.08
 Mechanical−0.170.840.19 to 3.76
Rules and regulations
 Unclear−1.830.160.01 to 4.34
 Yes*−1.520.220.07 to 0.66
Post-employment medical examination*
 Yes−1.420.240.09 to 0.63
  • *P<0.05.