Table 4

Postnatal services and related issues of study participants in Benishangul Gumuz Region, Northwestern Ethiopia, March 2020–January 2021

VariablesFrequencyPer cent (%)
Component of PNC contact she received (n=2065)
 First contact of PNC services178386.3
 Second contact of PNC services154574.8
 Third contact of PNC services137366.5
 Fourth contact of PNC services121058.6
The key interventions offered during the postnatal period (n=2065, multiple responses)
 Immunisation of baby169281.9
 Counselling on proper nutrition151673.4
 Breastfeeding education143669.5
 Physical examination124860.4
 Family planning services107452.0
Time interval for first PNC visit (n=1741)
 Within 2 days after delivery50428.9
 Between 3 days and 7 days after delivery75443.3
 Between 8 days and 42 days after delivery48327.7
Reason for seeking PNC services (n=1783)
 The baby needs immunisation159889.6
 The midwife had told me to seek the services.130573.2
 She wanted to start family planning.97554.7
 She wanted to make sure she is back to normal.83446.8
 Because of her illness27215.3
Reason for not seeking PNC services (n=282)
 They did not teach properly18164.2
 Fear of privacy13748.6
 Waiting more time at health facility9533.7
 They examined roughly.7727.3
 Religious, forbidden6422.7
 A health professional shouted at me.3713.1
Postpartum complications (n=2065)
Type of postpartum complications (n=249)
 Headache and visual disturbances17068.3
 Fever with or without chills8534.1
 Heavy bleeding6626.5
 Loss of consciousness6626.5
 Foul-smelling discharge5220.9
 Severe abdominal pain52.0
  • *Leg oedema, nausea, vomiting and severe malaria during pregnancy.

  • PNC, postnatal care.