Table 2

Use of ANC services and related issues of study subjects in Benishangul Gumuz Region, Northwestern Ethiopia, March 2020–January 2021

VariablesFrequencyPer cent (%)
Ever receive ANC services during last pregnancy
Visit of ANC received during last pregnancy
 First ANC visit191987.3
 Second ANC visit181582.6
 Third ANC visit167476.2
 Fourth ANC contact145366.1
Key interventions received during ANC contact (n=1919, multiple responses)
 Informed on danger signs of pregnancy174079.2
 Blood pressure measured170177.4
 Iron folic acid supplementation167776.3
 Nutritional counselling162373.8
 Urine sample taken160773.1
 Blood sample taken157871.8
 Protection of birth from tetanus156271.1
Reason for dropout from ANC follow-up (n=466 multiple responses)
 Didn’t know about the importance of ANC32469.5
 No problems encountered29863.9
 Fear of lack of privacy13929.8
 Influence of other peoples13729.4
 Couldn’t pay for transportation11424.5
 Health institution was too far11123.8
 No transportation services5612.0
 Male health professionals459.7
 No money to pay for services388.2
Time of first ANC services initiation (n=2032)
 1–3 months of pregnancy57028.1
 4–6 months of pregnancy133065.5
 After 6 months of pregnancy1326.5
Information offered to deliver at health facility
  • ANC, Antenatal care; ANC, antenatal care.