Table 3

Delivery services and related issues for current delivery services in Benishangul Gumuz Region, Northwestern Ethiopia, March 2020–January 2021

VariablesFrequencyPer cent (%)
Delivery services for last delivery
 Skilled care128158.3
 Unskilled care91741.7
Place of last delivery
 Health post35316.1
 Health centre77535.3
Attendant of last delivery
 Traditional birth attendants1667.6
 Health extension workers14116.4
 Midwife/nurses/health officers118453.9
 Medical doctors964.4
Mode of last delivery
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery194388.4
 Assisted vaginal delivery1567.1
 Caesarean section743.4
 Assisted delivered stillbirth251.1
Reason for health facility delivery (n=1404)
 She was informed to deliver in HFs.127791.0
 Previous bad experiences with home delivery26318.7
 She faced problems: forced to deliver in HF22716.2
Reason for Home delivery (n=794)
 The labour was going well42453.4
 She feels more comfortable at home39249.4
 Close attention from relatives/family33241.8
 It is usual practice33141.8
 No transportation services24831.2
 Cannot pay for transportation services20225.4
 Previous bad experiences with ID658.2
 Cannot afford to pay for health services222.8
 Culture doesn’t allow to give birth at HF151.9
Pregnant related complications at labour (n=2065)
Pregnant related complications at labour/childbirth (n=295, multiple responses)
 Obstructed/Prolonged labour18763.4
 Excessive bleeding during labour10234.6
 Elevated blood pressure7625.8
 Premature rupture of membranes6923.4
 Intrauterine fetal death4715.9
 Preterm labour124.1