Table 3

Search strategy for PubMed/Medline

Sl. no.Search strategy
#1“Covid19 patients” OR “Long Covid19” OR “post-acute Covid19” OR “Covid19 survivors” OR “Covid19” OR “coronavirus survivors” OR “coronavirus positive patients” OR “novel coronavirus patients” OR “2019 novel coronavirus” OR “2019-nCoV” OR “SARS-CoV-2”
#2Exercise OR fitness OR “physical activity” OR “physical education” OR “physical fitness” OR “aerobic exercise” OR “resistance training” OR movement OR “physical excursion” OR exercise OR mobility OR walking OR “brisk walking” OR running OR cycling OR swimming OR activity OR “basic activities” OR “essential activities”
#3“Health related Quality of Life” OR “quality of life” OR “physical health” OR tiredness OR fatigue OR pain OR myalgia OR “musculoskeletal pain” OR “exercise tolerance” OR rehabilitation OR “cardio respiratory endurance” OR “functional exercise capacity” OR anxiety OR stress OR depression OR “self-esteem” OR “mental health” OR “mental wellbeing”
#4RCT OR Randomized control trial or quasi experimental study OR pre post study OR before vs after study OR experimental study OR effectiveness study
#5#1 AND #2
#6#4 AND #5
#7#3 AND #5 AND #6