Table 1

Sample demographics

Descriptive statistics
Gender n (%)
 Male9 (33.33)
 Female18 (66.66)
 Mean (SD)72.96 (6.32)
Level of education n (%)
 Primary school (I)1 (3.7)
 Secondary school (Realschule, III)6 (22.22)
 Secondary school (Gymnasium, IV)1 (3.7)
 Vocational school (V)1 (3.7)
 University of applied science (VI)13 (48.15)
 University (VII)5 (18.52)
CPQ Score
 Mean (SD)20.30 (7.23)
ATI Score*
 Mean (SD)3.59 (SD: 1.09)
Days between monitor drop-off and pick-up
 Mean (SD)15.33 (2.70)
Activity monitor wear days (recording-based)
 Mean (SD)12.05 (4.29)
  • Descriptive statistics of demographic information, activity monitor wear information and psychometric Questionnaire Scores.

  • *Data available for n=26.

  • ATI, Affinity for Technology Interaction Scale; CPQ, Computer Proficiency Questionnaire.