Table 1

Liverpool Outcome Score (LOS) and Child and Adolescent Scale of Participation (CASP) scores obtained by patients and their interpretation

LOS (N=14)CASP (N=118)
ScoreNo of patients (%)Score interpretationScoreNo of patients (%)Score interpretation
123 (15.4)Death
213 (8.7)Severe sequelae, impairing function sufficient to make patient dependent214 (11.9)Unable to participate
327 (18.1)Moderate sequelae mildly affecting function, probably compatible with independent living326 (22)Very limited participation
454 (36.2)Minor sequelae with no effect or only minor effect on physical function, or personality change, or on medication450 (42.4)Somewhat limited participation
532 (21.5)Full recovery528 (23.7)Age-expected participation