Table 1

Study characteristics

Author(s) YearArticle typeJournalData collectionRegionAimCommodity/medicine discussed
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) 202124Rapid assessmentGrey literature53 interviews conducted globally.
Data collected March–October 2020*
Global, with additional quantitative data from Ethiopia, Zambia and Kenya.To understand the disruptions to SRH supply chains during the pandemic and chart a roadmap for supply chain resiliency.General SRH including MA.
Otieno et al 202125Rapid needs assessmentGrey literatureSurvey data from 17 African ministries of health/data collected July 202017 sub-Saharan African countries.To assess and document continuity of SRH services with a focus on safe abortion, postabortion care and family planning services
during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Family planning and MA.
  • *This study included prepandemic data. Prepandemic and COVID-19 specific data were distinguishable.

  • MA, medical abortion; SRH, sexual and reproductive health.