Table 2

Foods and drinks relevant for the 10-month randomised intervention period

DrinksCarbonated soft drinks, fruit juice, non-carbonated soft drinks, cocoa powder, mixture of fruit syrup and water, energy drinks, pre-packed juices and nectars, protein shakes, energy drinks
Milk productsFlavoured yoghurts, yoghurt drinks, milk shakes, chocolate milk, fermented milk, cold butter milk
Breakfast cerealsBreakfast cereals, muesli, cereals bars, rolled oats
Sugar, honey and marmaladeSugar, syrup, honey, marmalade, jam, compote
Chocolate and barsChocolate with and without filling, chocolate bars, chocolate/hazelnut paste/spread, thin sliced chocolate
DessertsPudding, mousse, cold soufflé, custard, strained stewed fruit, Greek jelly, pancakes
Ice creamIce cream, sorbet, ice lolly
CandyWine gum, liquorice, bon-bon mix, marshmallow, marzipan
Cake and biscuitsCake, cookies, biscuits, Danish pastry, sponge cake