Table 4

Patient outcomes

Benchmark scenarioScenario 1
(Plan A)
Scenario 2
(Plan B)
Scenario 3
(Plan C)
Exacerbation-related outputs
No. of admissions395.1327.8305.2284.1
No. of used bed days2344.41972.61830.01707.2
No. of deaths25.424.923.620.5
Change in QALYs
via LF testing2.390.840.460.11
via PR2.252.933.032.84
via exacerbation−22.77−18.89−17.59−16.37
Total change in QALYs*−18.14−15.13−14.10−13.42
  • *The total represents COPD management-related QALY changes and does not include changes in mental and physical health due to the restrictions.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; LF, lung function; PR, pulmonary rehabilitation; QALYs, quality-adjusted life years.