Table 3

Service outcomes

Benchmark scenarioScenario 1
(Plan A)
Scenario 2
(Plan B)
Scenario 3
(Plan C)
Outpatient clinics outputs
No. of face-to-face appointments1226.5856.1615.7484
No. of remote appointments0370.4610.8742.5
The quality of clinic visits
Worse than a usual appointment106.2292.1412.7481.1
Same as a usual appointment744.9567451.4385.4
Better than a usual appointment205.7197.7192.7190.3
Lung function testing outputs
No. of referrals515.8195.5113.029.9
No. of attendances330.7134.280.022.8
No. of patients on the waiting list148.747.122.94.7
No. of did not attend36.414.210.12.4