Table 1

Correlation estimates between exacerbations-related COPD admissions and the variables of interest

Variables (weekly)NCorrelation estimateP Value
COPD admission (a week ago)1000.91<0.0001
COPD admission (2 weeks ago)1000.81<0.0001
Stringency Index (SI)100−0.80<0.0001
COVID-19 case100−0.43<0.0001
COVID-19 admission100−0.54<0.0001
COVID-19 death100−0.47<0.0001
Nitric oxide (NO)*1000.60<0.0001
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)*1000.58<0.0001
Oxides of nitrogen (NOX)*1000.61<0.0001
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)1000.090.403
Ozone (O3)100−0.210.036
  • Note: Air quality monitoring stations in Camden: *Holborn, Bloomsbury.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; PM, particulate matter.