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#1“COVID 19”[MeSH Terms]
#2“telerehabilitation”[MeSH Terms]
#3“COVID-19”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 novel coronavirus disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 novel coronavirus infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 ncov disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 ncov infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “covid 19 pandemic”[Title/Abstract] OR “covid 19 pandemics”[Title/Abstract] OR “covid 19 virus disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “covid 19 virus infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “COVID19”[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus disease 2019”[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus disease 19”[Title/Abstract] OR “sars coronavirus 2 infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “sars cov 2 infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “SARS-CoV-2”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 novel coronavirus”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 novel coronavirus”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019-nCoV”[Title/Abstract] OR “covid 19 virus”[Title/Abstract] OR “covid19 virus”[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus disease 2019 virus”[Title/Abstract] OR “sars coronavirus 2”[Title/Abstract] OR “sars cov 2 virus”[Title/Abstract] OR “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2”[Title/Abstract] OR “wuhan coronavirus”[Title/Abstract] OR “wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus”[Title/Abstract]
#4“telerehabilitation”[Title/Abstract] OR “remote rehabilitation”[Title/Abstract] OR “Tele-rehabilitation”[Title/Abstract] OR “virtual rehabilitation”[Title/Abstract] OR “virtual reality exercise”[Title/Abstract] OR “exergaming”[Title/Abstract] AND “clinical trial”[Title/Abstract] OR “randomized controlled trial”[Title/Abstract]”
#5#1 AND #2
#6#3 AND #4
#7#5 OR #6
  • MeSH, Medical Subject Headings.