Table 2

Compliance with COVID-19 mitigation measures, symptoms and testing among Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Colombia, 2020

VariableBogotáNorte de Santander
Median (IQR)Median (IQR)
Median number of people outside household in close contact (<2 m) on previous day1 (4)2 (4)
Variablen%95% CIn%95% CI
Experienced difficulties complying with physical distancing measures
 No difficulty26988.7(78.9 to 98.6)24885.5(79.4 to 91.6)
 Some difficulty217.6(0.0 to 17.6)338.5(4.3 to 12.6)
 A lot of difficulty143.7(0.0 to 10.7)196(1.4 to 10.7)
Actions taken in response to COVID-19
 Washing hands regularly30199.5(98.9 to 100)29799.7(99.3 to 100)
 Keeping distance from sick people30198(95.4 to 100)29397.7(94.5 to 100)
 Keeping physical distance from anyone that is not a member of your household28094.4(91.1 to 97.6)26189.3(83.7 to 94.9)
 Stopped going to social gatherings29395.3(91.7 to 98.9)27895.4(92.6 to 98.2)
 Wearing a face mask29394.1(89.7 to 98.4)29397(93.6 to 100)
 Changing/cancelling travel plans26585.9(79.4 to 92.4)25278.9(71.3 to 86.4)
 Other3610.4(5.1 to 15.8)4914.2(8.6 to 19.8)
 None of the above00
Symptoms experienced in last 2 weeks
 Fever31.9(0.0 to 4.5)51.3(0.0 to 3.0)
 Dry cough116.1(1.3 to 10.8)31.7(0.0 to 4.4)
 Tiredness226.9(3.0 to 10.8)207.2(2.5 to 11.8)
 Shortness of breath72.4(0.0 to 5.0)71.2(0.1 to 2.4)
 Decreased or loss of smell and/or taste62.5(0.0 to 5.0)83.8(0.3 to 7.3)
 Other flu-like symptoms164.5(1.4 to 7.6)124(0.3 to 7.7)
 None of the above26185.5(79.5 to 91.6)26385.6(79.1 to 92.0)
 Reported at least one symptom4414.5(9.4 to 21.6)3714.4(9.0 to 22.5)
 Directly connected to someone with symptom114.6(2.2 to 9.5)42.4(0.6 to 8.9)
 Indirectly connected (one degree removed) with someone with symptom31.3(0.3 to 5.5)50.9(0.3 to 3.0)
Ever tested for COVID-19
 Yes248.4(2.6 to 14.2)247.5(2.3 to 12.6)
 No28191.6(85.8 to 97.4)27692.5(87.4 to 97.7)
Self-reported result of COVID-19 test among those tested (n=24)
 Positive739.8(11.9 to 67.7)0
 Negative1556.5(29.3 to 83.7)2399(95.6 to 100)
 Inconclusive010.9(0.0 to 4.4)
 Results not received23.7(0.0 to 9.3)0
 Directly connected to someone who reported positive COVID-19 test or had symptoms30.3(0.1 to 1.1)0
  • Tables do not present results for the response options ‘don’t know’ and ‘prefer not to answer’ and thus the sum of the n for response options of any given variable may not add up to the full study size.