Table 1

Glossary of complexity and social network terms

CentralisationExtent to which the network is focused around one or few central people. Low centralisation indicates a more even distribution of ties.
CentralityA measure to identify which players have the most interaction with others, that is, the most prominent, ‘key’ players. Centrality of 1 indicates that the actor is interacting with all members of the network.
DensityThe proportion of ties found across a network per the number of possible ties.
IndegreeA measure of influence. Number of ties directed to a node, that is, the number of times a particular individual is nominated by others as having that relationship with them.
IsolatesAgents or individuals with no links to others in the network.
NodesAgents or individuals. Depicted as dots or small circles in sociograms.
OutdegreeA measure of connectedness. Number of ties a particular node directs to other nodes, that is, the number of other people a particular individual nominates as having that relationship to them.
SiloA group of people characterised by their limited interaction with others.
Social NetworkA system of social interactions and personal relationships with interactions between them.
SociogramA graphical depiction of the relationship data in a social network study collected from individuals and then collated. Based on graph theory, parameters can be computed from the aggregated data.
TiesThe relationship of interest in a social network study. Two nodes are said to be tied if one or both acknowledge the relationship. Depicted as a line between nodes.