Table 3

Determinants of adherence level (measured using the Exercise Adherence Rating Scale)

B (SE)ßP valueB (SE)ßP value
 Gender (female)1.56 (1.01)0.140.153
 Age (years)†−0.12 (0.22)−0.050.587
 Satisfaction with economic situation†−0.01 (0.72)−0.0020.987
 Living status (alone)‡2.12 (1.06)0.200.048
 Years of education‡0.003 (0.11)0.0030.978
Medical history
 Number of medications†−0.61 (0.21)−0.290.003−0.45 (0.21)−0.210.033
 Diagnosed/treated for arthritis§−2.10 (1.08)−0.190.056
 Diagnosed/treated for cardiovascular diseases§−0.47 (1.30)−0.040.721
Cognition, affect and well-being
 MOCA score‡0.27 (0.27)0.100.337
 CES-D score‡−0.20 (0.08)−0.250.011−0.20 (0.07)−0.250.009
 Short Form 12 score‡0.48 (0.17)0.280.006
Physical ability and mobility§
 Gait speed, usual pace (4 m walk)5.56 (2.29)0.240.017
 Gait speed, usual pace (7 m walk)4.30 (2.02)0.210.036
 Fast gait speed, fast pace (7 m walk)1.82 (1.02)0.180.077
 CBMS (/96)0.11 (0.04)0.280.004
 8-Level Balance test (/8)§0.93 (0.52)0.180.077
 Cadence, mean (SD)0.07 (0.11)0.070.517
 Complexity, mean (SD)−0.10 (4.13)−0.0020.981
Subjective health rating
 Pain while walking, VAS‡−0.31 (0.22)−0.140.151
 Pain during rest, VAS ‡−0.03 (0.26)−0.010.915
 LLFDI disability frequency (/100)0.17 (0.12)0.140.150
 LLFDI disability limitation (/100)0.08 (0.04)0.210.032
 LLFDI function total (/100)0.10 (0.04)0.240.002
 LLFDI function UE0.08 (0.03)0.190.015
 LLFDI function BLE0.09 (0.04)0.250.011
 LLFDI function ALE0.10 (0.03)0.280.004
Other potential adherence mediators
 Group allocation aLiFE versus eLiFE−1.45 (1.01)−0.140.153
 Risk screening moderate category−0.08 (0.02)−0.030.006−0.06 (0.03)−0.210.035
  • Multivariate linear regression (n=120, aLiFE and eLiFE participants).

  • Bold p<0.05

  • *Only variables retained in the final model presented.

  • †Known risk factors for functional decline.

  • ‡Factors which influence adherence.

  • §Strength and balance deficits known to influence adherence.

  • ALE, advanced lower extremity; aLiFE, adapted Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise; BLE, basic lower extremity; CBMS, Community Balance and Mobility Scale; CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression; eLiFE, enhanced Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise; LLFDI, Late-Life Function and Disability Index; MOCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment; UE, upper extremity; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.