Table 4

Estimated association of adherence and group allocation at follow-up (aLiFE and eLiFE, n=120)

Unstandardised BCoefficient SEStnβ95% CIP value
Primary outcome measures
 LLFDI disability frequency
  Baseline score0.6770.0650.7160.549 to 0.800.000
  Group allocation0.8720.5530.105−0.226 to 1.9700.118
  Predicted adherence level0.0800.1270.042−0.173 to 0.3330.533
 LLFDI disability limitation (/100)
  Baseline score0.6630.0810.6210.502 to 0.8240.000
  Group allocation−0.4871.968−0.017−4.390 to 3.4170.805
  Predicted adherence level0.6630.0810.6210.346 to 2.3930.009
 LLFDI function total components
  Baseline score0.7790.0640.7600.652 to 0.9060.000
  Group allocation−1.3541.260−0.057−3.854 to 1.1460.285
  Predicted adherence level0.7970.3440.1440.114 to 1.4800.023
  Baseline score0.6240.0740.6230.478 to 0.7710.000
  Group allocation−0.6671.694−0.027−4.028 to 2.6930.694
  Predicted adherence level1.1130.4180.1970.285 to 1.9420.009
  Baseline score0.6320.0760.6310.481 to 0.7840.000
  Group allocation−1.9941.788−0.072−5.540 to 1.5520.267
  Predicted adherence level1.3040.4860.2040.339 to 2.2680.009
  Baseline score0.8680.0660.7800.736 to 0.9990.000
  Group allocation−1.9341.763−0.057−5.431 to 1.5620.275
  Predicted adherence level1.0000.4670.1270.074 to 1.9260.035
Behavioural complexity
 Complexity, mean
  Baseline score0.1780.0760.2350.028 to 0.3290.021
  Group allocation−0.0120.019−0.063−0.049 to 0.0250.525
  Predicted adherence level0.0080.0040.185−0.001 to 0.0170.068
 Complexity, median (IQR)
  Baseline score0.2090.0760.2700.057 to 0.3600.008
  Group allocation−0.0070.019−0.035−0.045 to 0.0310.726
  Predicted adherence level0.0080.0040.186−0.045 to 0.0170.063
Secondary outcome measures
Cognition, affect and well-being
 MOCA score
  Baseline score0.5900.0900.5580.411 to 0.7690.000
  Group allocation0.1900.3280.049−0.461 to 0.8420.563
  Predicted adherence level−0.0230.077−0.026−0.176 to 0.1290.762
 CES-D score
  Baseline score0.4260.0870.4440.253 to 0.5980.000
  Group allocation−0.5860.903−0.048−2.377 to 1.2050.518
  Predicted adherence level−0.8890.257−0.313−1.399 to −0.3800.001
 Short Form 12
  Baseline score0.5000.1020.4670.297 to 0.7030.000
  Group allocation−0.9900.517−0.158−2.017 to 0.0370.059
  Predicated adherence level0.2310.1380.160−0.042 to 0.5050.097
Physical ability and mobility*
 Usual gait speed (7 m walk)
  Baseline score0.6210.0570.7170.507 to 0.7350.000
  Group allocation0.0410.0270.097−0.012 to 0.0950.128
  Predicted adherence level0.0140.0070.1410.001 to 0.0270.036
 CBMS (/96)
  Baseline score0.8470.0730.7960.702 to 0.9920.000
  Group allocation1.0391.5990.038−2.134 to 4.2120.517
  Predicated adherence level0.2060.4310.033−0.648 to 1.0610.633
 8-Level Balance test
  Baseline score0.4670.1160.3960.237 to 0.6970.000
  Group allocation0.2540.2130.111−0.168 to 0.6770.235
  Predicted adherence level0.0470.0510.089−0.053 to 0.1470.356
  • Bold p<0.05

  • *Strength and balance deficits known to influence adherence.

  • ALE, advanced lower extremity; aLiFE, adapted Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise; BLE, basic lower extremity; CBMS, Community Balance and Mobility Scale; CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression; eLiFE, enhanced Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise; LLFDI, Late-Life Function and Disability Index; MOCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment; UE, upper extremity; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.