Other data collected in the questionnaire booklet sent to patients during the quantitative component

Questionnaire modulesBrief description
Module on collecting sociodemographic dataThe data to be collected are the date of birth, the number of people living in the woman’s household.
Module on medical data collection and diagnosisWeight, height, dominant arm, disease announcement, hospitalisation and/or treatment for disease progression, treatments received and comorbidities will be collected.
COVID-19 data moduleThis module aims to understand the organisation of care and medical monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the possible impact that the health crisis may have had on patients. The data to be collected are: organisation of medical appointments (oncologist, surgeon, radiotherapist …); organisation of appointments with other caregivers (nurse, psychologist, dietician …); organisation of examinations (CT scans, MRI …); COVID-19 screening test; impact of physical distancing measures against COVID-19 on patients’ daily life.