Table 3

PEDro score

Study IDItem numberTotalQuality
Basford 199864++++++++7High
Cinar 201770++++++++7High
Cinar 201871++++++++7High
Darre 199461++++++5Moderate
Elsehrawy 201872++++++5Moderate
Kiritsi 201065+++++++++8High
Koteeswaran 202075+++++++6Moderate
Lamba 201366+++++++6Moderate
Liu 201469+++++++6Moderate
Macias 201567++++++++++9High
Sanmak 201973++++++++7High
Stergioulas 200360+++++++6Moderate
Stergioulas 200868++++++++8High
Tumilty 200862+++++++++++10High
Tumilty 201263+++++++++++10High
Ulusoy 201774++++++5Moderate
Yüzer 200676++++++5Moderate
  • Naterstad et al. Efficacy of Low-level Laser Therapy as an addition to exercise and cryotherapy in chronic Achilles tendinopathy: a double-blinded randomised controlled trial.

    1. Eligibility criteria specified.

    2. Random allocation.

    3. Concealed allocation.

    4. Groups similar at baseline.

    5. Subject blinding.

    6. Therapist blinding.

    7. Assessor blinding.

    8. Less than 15% dropout.

    9. Intention-to-treat analysis.

    10. Between-group statistical comparisons.

    11. Point measures and variability data.

  • *Item not included in the mean score.

  • PEDro, Physiotherapy Evidence Database.;