Table 2

Univariate and multivariable Cox proportional hazards model with time-varying covariates for HIV infection

HIV infection risk models*Per 1-risk indicator increase†Sexual behaviour type
HR (95% CI)3.68 (3.03 to 4.46)Reference2.38 (1.12 to 5.02)19.74 (10.28 to 37.91)
Adjusted HR (95% CI)‡3.37 (2.76 to 4.11)Reference2.22 (1.05 to 4.71)16.53 (8.57 to 31.88)
  • *All follow-up records of each participant were included into the model in counting process format.

  • †The number of risk indicators was in the range of 0–3. Per 1-risk indicator increase meant that the number of indicators was included into the model as a continuous variable.

  • ‡Multivariable Cox regression analysis was adjusted for age, education, marital status, residence time in Tianjin and MSW.

  • MSW, male sex worker.