Table 1

In-app messages

Messages and links to content related to stroke rehabilitation and self-management were sent to participants via the OnTrack smartphone application. Messages were divided into four different categories.
Message categoryDescriptionFrequency, time of daySample message
Intention settingsMessage to set the participant’s intentions for the day. Participants were able to respond to these messages with a yes/no answer.Weekdays, in the morningGood morning Jon!
Aim to wear the watch on your LEFT wrist for as long as you can today and keep an eye on your arm activity target of 45 minutes.
Are you ready to try this?
Tips and advicePersonalised messages to include tips or advice relevant to the participant’s situation. This type of message did not require a response.2–3 times per week, at middayWeekends are often different from the rest of the week but you can still include activities that involve your LEFT arm.
It’s also ok to have a rest but don't forget to use appropriate cutlery for every meal if you have the opportunity as we discussed before.
You've got this!
Reflective practiceMessage with the intention to help participants reflect on their progress. This type of message did not require a response.2–3 times per week, towards the end of the dayHi Jon!
I hope you managed to reach your target of 45 minutes of arm activity today.
Were you able to think about new ways of involving your arm?
Let’s talk about these when we meet!
Links to external contentParticipants in phase 1 of the study received a total of 9 links while participants in phase 2 received 11 links signposting to resources they could tap into once their participation ended.9–11 links sent over 14 days, at middayHi Jon, the Stroke Foundation in Australia have put together a great blog post on how to improve your Problem Solving skills.
Click here to check it out when you get a chance! (link)