Table 5

Confounder effects on total variance

ConfounderMean training amountMean confidence level
Total variance explained (partial eta squared, %)Total variance explained (partial eta squared, %)
Work experience5.93.5
Previous education8.75.1
Previous military medic training6.84.7
TAMS participation23.612.3
Study year49.358.5
GroupEstimated marginal means (95% CI)Estimated marginal means (95% CI)
No work experience1.98 (1.83 to 2.13)2.51 (2.34 to 2.69)
Work experience2.33 (2.19 to 2.46)2.77 (2.62 to 2.91)
Between-groups difference0.35 (0.26 to 0.43)0.25 (0.14 to 0.37)
  • Results from both the analysis of covariance and linear mixed model analyses. The top half shows the primary and secondary outcomes, being the total variance in mean training amount and mean confidence level explained by each confounder, adjusted for the concurrent factors included in the model. The bottom half shows estimated marginal means, being the mean training and confidence for respondents with and without work experience, respectively, after having adjusted for the concurrent factors in the model. All analyses were significant at p<0.001.

  • TAMS, Tromsø Acute Medicine Students’ Association.