Table 1

Proctor and colleague’s implementation outcomes mapped to SC4C evaluation

Implementation outcomesQuestions addressed by each implementation factor
AcceptabilityDo GPs, paediatricians, parents and children view SC4C as agreeable?
AdoptionDo GPs intend to apply SC4C to their practice?
AppropriatenessDo GPs perceive the proposed interventions as relevant and useful for their services?
FidelityIs SC4C applied as intended?
CoverageHow many service users/paediatric patients of those eligible are reached through the SC4C model via co-consultations?
CostHow much does it cost to implement SC4C?
SustainabilityWhat are the factors that will allow SC4C to be sustained/scaled-up further?
  • GPs, general practitioners; SC4C, Strengthening Care for Children.