Table 3

Adjusted HRs for all-cause mortality and its covariables, total group (n=223 580)

CovariableAll-cause mortality HR95% CI
Influenza vaccination in 2019 (yes vs no)0.900.83 to 0.97
Age group, relative to group 0–59 years
60–74 years2.902.45 to 3.42
75+ years11.009.35 to 12.95
Sex (female vs male)0.820.76 to 0.89
GP-diagnosed COVID-19 (yes vs no)10.908.51 to 13.96
Cardiovascular disease (yes vs no)1.761.62 to 1.91
Pulmonary disease (yes vs no)1.961.80 to 2.14
Diabetes mellitus (yes vs no)1.541.41 to 1.67
Impaired resistance to infections (yes vs no)2.241.98 to 2.53
Chronic renal insufficiency (yes vs no)1.871.67 to 2.07
Respiratory disorders by neurological conditions (yes vs no)1.771.58 to 2.00
Number of acute respiratory infection consultations in 2019, relative to 0
11.251.10 to 1.42
≥21.621.43 to 1.84
  • GP, general practitioner.