Table 4

Adjusted HRs for all-cause mortality and its covariables, subanalysis COVID-19 group (n=4061)

CovariableAll-cause mortality HR95% CI
Influenza vaccination in 2019 (yes vs no)*1.120.77 to 1.62
Age group, relative to group 0–59 years
60–74 years5.542.35 to 13.06
75+ years23.7510.26 to 54.97
Sex (female vs male)0.660.48 to 0.91
Cardiovascular disease (yes vs no)1.881.35 to 2.62
Diabetes mellitus (yes vs no)1.871.35 to 2.59
Impaired resistance to infections (yes vs no)1.841.09 to 3.10
  • *Presented in table as it contributes to answering the main research question despite an insignificant association.