Table 2

Data collection for iSupport RCT

Questionnaire or study-specific questionsTime pointWorkstream
Local COVID-19 alert level at date of assessmentT0, T1, T21,2,3
Demographic questionsT01,2,3
Employment, marital status and living situation questionsT0, T1, T21,2,3
12-item Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI-12)48*T0, T1, T21,3
10-item Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D-10)*49T0, T1, T21,3
EQ-5D-5L50T0, T1, T23
Resilience Scale-1451T0, T1, T21
Generalised Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire52T0, T1, T21
Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale53T0, T1, T21
Adapted Erasumus iMTA informal care questionnaire54T0, T1, T23
Service use questionsT0, T1, T23
Quality of the Carer-Patient Relationship55T0, T1, T21
Dementia Quality of Life – Proxy measure56T0, T1, T21,3
Researcher remains blinded to allocation questionT1, T21
  • *Indicates primary outcome measure for WS1.

  • RCT, randomised controlled trial; WS, workstream.