Table 1

List of contextual dimensions for programme implementation to guide the scoping review of AMS guidance documents

DimensionDescription of initial themes and codes for data extraction
Micro level of healthcarePatients’ factors (knowledge, attitudes, preferences, needs and resources in antibiotic use and AMR)
Meso level of healthcareOrganisational culture and climate, readiness to change (commitment, preparation, prioritisation, efficacy and capacity to change, tension, practicality, flexibility), support (administration, staff, training resources, information and decision-support systems, expert support), structures (size, complexity, specialisation, differentiation, decentralisation)
Macro level of healthcareExogenous influences (policies, guidelines, research evidence, regulation and legislation, mandates, directives, recommendations, political stability, public reporting, benchmarking, organisational networks)
Multiple levels of healthcareSocial relations and support, financial resources (funding, reimbursement, incentives, costs), leadership (leaders, champions,etc), time restrictions, feedback (mechanisms for monitoring and providing feedback), physical conditions (equipment, facilities)
  • AMR, antimicrobial resistant; AMS, antimicrobial stewardship.