Table 2

Median Likert, IQR and Mann-Whitney U test outcomes for survey responses to the vignettes in faculty and student cohorts

Faculty versus students
Median (Q1–Q3)Median (Q1–Q3)P value
General neglect/requests to do non-educational tasks
 V1: student told to sit quietly in corner to not disrupt a busy clinic.4 (3–4)3 (2–4)0.061
 V4: student asked to collect consultant’s breakfast from café.5 (4–5)4 (4–5)0.009
 V6: consultant calls student 45 min after meeting time to inform them they will be a further hour late.3 (2–4)4 (2–4)0.127
 V9: student asked to type up stack of handwritten clinic notes instead of teaching them during clinic.4 (3–4)4 (3–4)0.420
Specialty choice discrimination
 V7: female student wanting to do surgery told to reconsider if she wants children in the future.2 (2–2)2 (2–3)0.099
 V8: surgeon lets aspiring surgeon scrub in instead of aspiring physician.3 (2–4)4 (3–4)0.058
 V15: aspiring radiologist told to consider other specialties that would be more fun.2 (2–3)3 (2–4)0.035
 V2: consultant laughs with patient while student attempts X-ray interpretation incorrectly.4 (4–5)4 (3–4)0.003
 V10: student called idiot for forgetting part of a physical examination.5 (5–5)5 (4–5)0.140
Gender bias/discrimination
 V3: male student gets to scrub in instead of female student so he can hold a ‘heavy’ leg.4 (3–4)4 (3–4)0.601
 V14: female student given opportunity to practise chest examination on a female patient instead of male student.3 (2–4)2 (2–3)0.026
Sexual harassment
 V5: consultant complementing female student’s appearance.4 (3–5)4 (3–4)0.387
Control—positive reinforcement teaching
 V11: student asked to review ECG interpretation after making mistake the first time.2 (1–2)2 (1–2)0.708
Request to perform task beyond capacity
 V12: student asked to take bloods despite not being confident to do so.4 (3–4)4 (4–5)0.002
Physical abuse
 V13: student attempting venous access in emergency is pushed out of way for being too slow.3 (2–4)3 (2–4)0.817
  • P<0.05.

  • Likert scale: 1 (strongly disagree), 2 (disagree), 3 (neutral), 4 (agree), 5 (strongly agree).

  • MWU, Mann-Whitney U test; Q1, first quartile; Q3, third quartile.