Table 2

Ten contextual factors and their distribution after nominal grouping technique*

Contextual factorsGhentKnokke-HeistThienenRankScore
Sociodemographic contextual factors(1) Age 80+/total population 20155.0%9.6%6.6%338
(2) Dependency ratio (65+/20–64 years) 201527.0%63.1%36.2%164
(3) % age 65+ and living alone 201429.9%30.7%27.7%630
Socioeconomic contextual factors(4) Percentage of beneficiaries aged 65+ and entitled to a guaranteed income6.9%5.5%4.1%338
(5) Underprivileged index (=% of births in underprivileged families in year 2014)22.6%13.6%11.9%532
(6) Percentage of beneficiaries entitled to additional compensation in Public health insurance18.5%12.9%14.6%920
Community resources(7) Total resources of the community social security in euros per inhabitant 2013 (in euro)304151229108
Availability of community healthcare centres(8) Community centreYesNoYes246
(9) 24/24 careYesNoYes725
(10) Centre for mental healthcareYesNoYes824
  • *The 10 highest scoring contextual factors determined in the nominal grouping technique, rank and score.