Table 2

Attitude of individuals with diabetes during Ramadan and Eid (frequency and percentage)

QuestionsNo, N (%)Yes, N (%)
Did you visit a doctor during the recent Ramadan?265 (65.4)140 (34.6)
Did you visit a doctor before the recent Ramadan?129 (31.9)276 (68.1)
Did you break the fast a day or more because of diabetes?230 (56.8)175 (43.2)
Did you observe hypoglycaemia while fasting?308 (76)97 (24)
Was Eid-al-Fitr a special day for you?88 (21.7)317 (78.3)
Did your blood sugar levels remain controlled during Ramadan?92 (22.7)313 (77.3)
Did you feel stressed or depressed on Eid day because of diabetes?301 (74.3)104 (25.7)
Did you perform all the activities on Eid day that you used to perform before developing diabetes?125 (30.9)280 (69.1)
Did you feel that you have celebrated Eid just like other people without any constraints?144 (35.6)261 (64.4)
Did you feel that your activities were restrictive on Eid day because of diabetes?256 (63.2)149 (36.8)
Did you feel that people had sympathy for you on Eid day?283 (69.9)122 (30.1)