Table 1

Demographic information

Variable nameSample size (n=1699%)Percentages
 35 and over1579.2
Marital Status
 American Indian/Native Alaskan160.9
 Asian/Asian American34120.1
 Black/African American965.7
 MENA/Arabic Origin251.5
 Pacific Islanders/Native Hawaiian321.9
Class standing
 1st year undergraduate28516.8
 2nd year undergraduate27015.9
 3rd year undergraduate31718.7
 4th year undergraduate27316.1
 5th year or more undergraduate1589.3
 Not seeking a degree80.5
Employment status
 Full time31618.6
 Part time59535.0
 Laid off due to COVID-1917810.5
 Not working due to disability130.8
Financial situation Compared with pre-COVID-19
 A lot more stressful62636.8
 Somewhat more stressful60135.4
 No change39223.1
 Somewhat less stressful492.9
 A lot less stressful311.8
  • MENA, Middle Eastern or Northern African.