Table 2

Well-being strategies implemented by junior doctors

Physical well-being strategiesExerciseI generally try to run everyday just to burn off the stress and the extra energy (D8, female).
DietI think eating healthy and eating on time is really important (D4, female).
Social well-being strategiesConnection with family and friendsI've got my friends back home in Canada and my family—I keep in touch with them. I'll FaceTime my family probably once a week—like my parents. And then my friends, I will, almost you know, texting is super easy and so I'll text my friends pretty much all the time (D15, female).
Social activities outside of workKeeping in touch with other friends outside of work is really useful as well … to sort of offset the never-ending work talk with colleagues (D12, male).
Supportive partnerI'm away from my wife as well. She’s in Melbourne so again I don't have that major sort of pillar of support in my life when I really need that (D9, male).
Hobbies outside of workBeing able to blow off steam in a non-work capacity is good (D12, male).
Mental health strategiesSleepI think changing the sleep cycle really messed my mood around (D8, female).
MindfulnessI just was feeling really teary at work and just really worried about hurting people and all sorts of things like my mind catching up with me. And let’s just take a moment and reframe it so that (D8, female).
MeditationMy meditation practice allows me to notice feelings before they overwhelm me and essentially catch it and then let it go (D13, male).
Setting expectations of self(You need to) temper your own expectations of yourself … most of our colleagues are relatively high achievers … and I guess one of the things that you realize coming into medicine … is just how things don't always go as planned. As I said, tempering your own expectations in terms of how much you can actually do or how much you actually know (B1, male).
Separating work+personal lifeIf you don't have a process or separate that [personal life] from work, then it’s pretty horrific (B13, male).
PrioritisationYou like start your day knowing these are the things I have to do and then over the course of the day a million other things will come up and then you need to be able to keep track of everything and do things in a time critical matter and you'll need to be able to prioritize (D6, female).
Workplace well-being strategiesDebriefingThe junior doctors come to … vent about the hospital and work and that’s really helpful (D8, female).
Junior doctor societiesThere’s a social officer and they just organize drinks for us every second Friday and we all pitch in money from our pay check every week to pay for the free drinks (D8, female).