Table 2

SRF participant outcomes, experiences and satisfaction with comparisons to institutional and national peers

n (%)
LCOM average (%)*GQ average (%)†P value
P value
Authorship‡9 (45)57530.470.43
 Peer-reviewed publication3 (15)
 Peer-reviewed oral or poster presentation at national meeting7 (35)
Awards or honours related to SRF6 (30)
Grants awarded6 (30)
Participation in other research projects during medical school unrelated to SRF16 (80)
If currently in residency, participating in research3 (60)
Other medical school activities
 Global health02526<0.0010.82
 Community outreach/health education12 (60)57570.791
 Community-based research15 (75)8832<0.001<0.001
Most helpful aspects of the SRF
 Faculty mentoring16 (80)
 Stipend15 (75)
 Protected research time13 (65)
 Being part of a research team12 (60)
 Learning new technical or procedural skills12 (60)
 Opportunities to present at regional/national meetings11 (55)
Overall level of satisfaction with SRF mentorship
 Very satisfied15 (75)
 Satisfied5 (25)
 Very dissatisfied0
Suffering or suffered from burnout during medical school§5 (25)
Contribution of research activities to burnout during medical school
 Contributed greatly1 (5)
 Contributed somewhat2 (11)
 Contributed little1 (5)
 No effect10 (53)
 Protected little2 (11)
 Protected somewhat1 (5)
 Protected greatly2 (11)
 Did not answer1 (5)
  • *Institutional averages were derived from responses to the AAMC-GQ survey by students graduating from the University of Vermont LCOM from 2015 to 2020.

  • †National averages were derived from responses to the AAMC Medical School GQ from 2015 to 2020 for similar questions. SRF survey questions were structured in parallel with the AAMC-GQ to allow for better comparison.

  • ‡Primary or coauthorship directly related to SRF work reported at the time of the survey. One respondent had one abstract and publication.

  • §Self-reported.

  • AAMC, American Association of Medical Colleges; GQ, Graduation Questionnaire; LCOM, Larner College of Medicine; SRF, summer research fellowship.