Table 4

Future interventions to support well-being suggested by junior doctors

Workplace interventionsRosteringGiving people time once a week or once a fortnight half a day off … just gives you a little bit of extra time to plan (D10, male).
Financial subsidiesDiscounted gym membership which should give you access to multiple gyms or health centres (D3, male).
Hospital facilitiesSome of that is very easy to do … not going to lock the change rooms after hours … going to provide exercise facilities at work, or enough secure bicycle storage etc. (B1, male).
Hospital organised eventsIt was good that the hospital makes some efforts to have some social events, especially at the start of the year to try and help connect the doctors who are starting just create I guess that sense of collegiality (B1, male).
Protected timeWouldn't be nice if you could just talk to all of your colleagues in small groups about what you're going through on a monthly basis or something like that, without anyone from admin or the hospital being present because then you're always going to censor yourself when someone else is watching you (D15, female)
University interventionsTransition to internshipThe med school should say “watch the interns every day and see what they do and prepare for that” (D13, male).