Table 3

Costs during the 3-year follow-up period

AF group (n=279)CF group (n=279)P value
Follow-up costs per capita, $
 Invasive coronary angiography1995±9300±0<0.001
 1-year prescribing, dispensing and medicines3836±26253794±24550.843
 Antiplatelet medicines956±887960±9800.954
 Other medicines869±1153886±10540.857
 Outpatients visits791±464697±4900.021
 Coronary CT angiography (400)35±15048±1590.323
 Cardiac MR (378)6±494±550.626
 Cardiac nuclear scan (801)159±535103±3370.140
 Electrocardiogram (32)92±10182±880.214
 Exercise stress test (80)46±9343±890.735
 Echocardiography (100)156±145118±1300.001
Cardiac events
 Stable revascularisation994±31531299±35300.282
3-y total costs per capita, $8947±56847073±6360<0.001
  • Values are expressed as mean±SD (mean inspection cost). The number of patients with ≥1 event was evaluated during the entire follow-up period; the cumulative cost was estimated at 3 years.

  • AF, angiographic follow-up; CF, clinical follow-up; MACCE, major adverse cardiac events.