Table 3

Logistic regression analyses of demographic, cognitive and emotional factors in people whose adherence dropped off over time (comparison group) versus people who are adherent

BSEWaldP valueOR95% CI
Age− to 1.02
Gender0.750.462.630.1052.110.86 to 5.2
SIMD− to 1.43
Rurality−0.62(0.46)1.780.1820.540.22 to 1.33
Intention <12*0.840.81.090.2972.310.48 to 11.12
Intention=12*00.80110.21 to 4.78
Action plan−†0.780.63 to 0.96
Self-efficacy−†0.920.86 to 0.99
HADS anxiety0.070.061.520.2171.080.96 to 1.21
HADS depression0. to 1.40
MWS0. to 1.18
  • *Intention >12 used as comparison.

  • †Significant at p<0.05.

  • HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; MWS, Melanoma Worry Scale; SIMD, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.