Table 3

Excess mortality of the Puerto Rican population ages 65 and older in the mainland USA, by education group and sex (October 2017 to March 2018)

Observed deaths (1)Δ mortality rate (95% CI) (2)Population (100 000’s) (3)Expected deaths (4)Excess deaths (95% CI) (5)Ratio of observed to expected mortality (95% CI) (6)
Panel A: 65+ years of age, high school dropouts
(−0.110 to 0.352)(37 to 373)(1.01 to 1.25)
(0.017 to 0.214)(154 to 332)(1.07 to 1.17)
Panel B: 65+ years of age, high school graduates
(0.044 to 0.195)(127 to 223)(1.09 to 1.17)
(−0.033 to 0.058)(−13 to 51)(0.99 to 1.03)
Panel C: 65+ years of age, some college or more
(0.015 to 0.150)(39 to 83)(1.05 to 1.12)
(0.087 to 0.155)(89 to 114)(1.11 to 1.15)
  • Column 1 reports observed deaths of the Puerto Rican population by gender, age and education group in the mainland USA, and column 3 reports estimates of the overall population of the respective group of Puerto Ricans in the mainland. Column 2 reports estimates of the difference in the natural logarithm of the mortality of Puerto Ricans relative to Cubans and Mexicans based on the aggregation of estimates from equation 1 estimated for each gender-by-age-by-education group, as well as 95% CIs in parentheses. Columns 4, 5 and 6 respectively report estimates of expected deaths, excess deaths and the ratio of observed to expected deaths calculated from observed deaths (column 1) and estimates of changes in mortality rates (column 2); 95% CIs of the level of excess deaths and of the ratio of observed to expected deaths are reported in parentheses.