Table 1

Characteristics of included systematic reviews and meta-analysis

CharacteristicForm responseN (%)
Journal in which systematic reviews were published
Addiction30 (23.6)
Drug and Alcohol Dependance18 (14.2)
Addictive Behaviors14 (11.0)
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment14 (11.0)
Nicotine and Tobacco Research12 (9.4)
Alcohol and Alcoholism6 (4.7)
Other*33 (26.0)
Conflict of interest (COI) statement
All authors report no COI81 (63.8)
No COI statement present18 (14.1)
One or more authors report a COI28 (22.0)
Intervention type
Pharmacologic64 (50.4)
Procedure2 (1.6)
Behavioural therapy/psychosocial treatments53 (41.7)
Prevention8 (6.3)
Affiliation of first author
Public academic institution92 (72.4)
Private academic institution15 (11.8)
Government14 (11.0)
Public academic institution, government1 (0.8)
Non-profit institution4 (3.1)
Private-for-profit1 (0.8)
Affiliation of last author
Public academic institution94 (74.0)
Private academic institution15 (11.8)
Government13 (10.2)
Public academic institution, government1 (0.8)
Non-profit institution3 (2.4)
Private-for-profit1 (0.8)
Author source of funding
No funding received33 (26.0)
No statement listed19 (15.0)
Private/industry2 (1.6)
Public66 (52.0)
University4 (3.1)
Public and university3 (2.4)
Self-citation of primary studies
No, did not include self-cited primary studies109 (85.8)
Yes, included one or more self-cited primary studies18 (14.2)