Table 1

Logic model table showing intervention inputs, intervention process and intended practice change

Intervention inputsIntervention process and actionsIntended
Practice changeOutputsHealth outcome
  • Case management desk guideline, including lifestyle counselling

  • mHealth training of nurses on the desk guide package

  • Nurse WhatsApp support group

  • Supervision of care visits (quarterly)

  • Digital BP apparatus, glucometer and strips

  • Treatment cards, used for clinical care (subsequently used also as research data records)

  • Monthly funds for health workers’ telecommunication fees

  • Screen/diagnose

  • Prescribe antihypertensive

  • Identify hypertension and/or diabetes and treat

  • Counsel for lifestyle modification

  • Follow-up care

  • Focus group discussion with nurses, month 5

Provider practice:
  • Screen, diagnose, treat, counsel, follow-up and report as per the case management desk guideline

Patients practice:
  • Follow-up visits

  • Treatment

  • Lifestyle changes as counselled, e.g., healthy eating, activity, smoking cessation

Patients are:
  • Screened and diagnosed as per desk guide

  • Prescribed right drug/ dose

  • Counselled for life-style change

  • Followed-up and treated, that is, continuing care

  • BP trend by visit (primary outcome)

  • Hypertension and/or diabetes care recorded on the NCD card

  • BP, blood pressure; NCD, non-communicable disease.