Table 2

Scoring criteria of the fundamental movement skill rater and the respective rating accuracies based on performances of 1174 children

RefScoring criteriaRatings comparedPercentage agreement (%)Kappa95% CI
Catch669880.724(0.667 to 0.781)
Cri1Preparation: hands are positioned in front of the body with the elbows flexed223840.594(0.474 to 0.714)
Cri2Arms extend reaching for the ball as it arrives223810.570(0.458 to 0.682)
Cri3Ball is caught by hands only (rated manually)2231001.000
System-rated criteria only (Cri1, Cri2)446820.580(0.498 to 0.662)
Dribble921860.672(0.619 to 0.725)
Cri1Contacts ball with one hand between knee and chest levels307770.414(0.300 to 0.528)
Cri2Pushes the ball with fingertips, and not with the palm (rated manually)3071001.000
Cri3Maintains control of the ball for four consecutive bounces without moving the feet307820.589(0.491 to 0.687)
System-rated criteria only (Cri1, Cri3)614800.508(0.433 to 0.583)
Kick732840.661(0.606 to 0.716)
Cri1Rapid, continuous approach to the ball183890.143(−0.036 to 0.322)
Cri2Takes an elongated stride or leap just prior to ball contact183860.553(0.402 to 0.704)
Cri3Non-kicking foot placed close to the ball183780.487(0.363 to 0.611)
Cri4Follows through after contact with ball183850.608(0.480 to 0.736)
One-hand forehand strike1252910.811(0.778 to 0.844)
Cri1Takes a backswing with the paddle when the ball is bounced313940.872(0.817 to 0.927)
Cri2Steps forward with opposite foot313850.674(0.592 to 0.756)
Cri3Ball struck hits the wall without bouncing (rated manually)3131001.000
Cri4Hitting arm follows through towards opposite shoulder313840.655(0.567 to 0.743)
System-rated criteria only (Cri1, Cri2, Cri4)939880.740(0.697 to 0.783)
Overhand throw1440860.717(0.682 to 0.752)
Cri1Initiate windup with a downward movement of arm288900.712(0.616 to 0.808)
Cri2Rotates hip and shoulder to a point where the back faces the wall288790.584(0.490 to 0.678)
Cri3Steps forward with the opposite foot288920.816(0.743 to 0.889)
Cri4Rotates body forward to release the ball288870.642(0.538 to 0.746)
Cri5Throwing hand follows through after ball release, across the body towards the hip of the non-throwing side288820.641(0.555 to 0.727)
Underhand roll1300940.859(0.830 to 0.888)
Cri1Arm swings down and back, reaching behind the trunk325910.761(0.681 to 0.841)
Cri2Steps forward with opposite foot325940.865(0.808 to 0.922)
Cri3Bends knees to lower body352900.746(0.666 to 0.826)
Cri4Released ball rolls along the floor and does not bounce (rated manually)3251001.000
System-rated criteria only (Cri1, Cri2, Cri3)975910.821(0.784 to 0.858)
Underhand throw1100900.760(0.717 to 0.803)
Cri1Arm swings down and back reaching behind the trunk275870.362(0.209 to 0.515)
Cri2Steps forward with opposite foot275910.769(0.683 to 0.855)
Cri3Ball thrown hits the wall without bouncing (rated manually)2751001.000
Cri4Arm follows through after ball release to at least chest level275820.477(0.355 to 0.599)
System-rated criteria only (Cri1, Cri2, Cri4)825870.713(0.662 to 0.764)
  • Italicized rows refer to combined values for a skill, but with one criterion excluded.

  • Bold rows refer to combined values for a skill.