Table 2

Acceptability and barriers of the app, suggestions for improving app features at baseline

Acceptability of the appEffective, useful for monitoring
Very easy, very useful
Monitor easily
Useful reminder for medication taking, easy to use
‘This app is very good for like my kind of HCM people, congestive heart failure people. This is very effective and what I feel is every time it will be like awareness for you people, also for us also.’
(Patient 1, female)
‘This is there we can be with a regular kind of checkup day by day” “And this is very easy to use
‘I guess this app is very useful to everyone easily we can monitor
(Patient 1, female)
‘The performance of the app is very good and the reaction time most the opening of the app and individual components within that are all very good
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
‘I open it and I go to all of the tablets and medication, which have to be taken, which are in red. I open each one of them and I complete them and click on save and this hardly takes me any time’ ‘This was also fine the weight reading, fluids intake and all that was fine.’
(Caregiver of Patient 2, male)
Barriers of the appSmall font
Unclear images
‘Instead of entering values in mobiles just I am telling see instead of entering small small (font size) values
(Caregiver of Patient 2, male)
‘This one is a bit of a problem, because for me to type these numbers are really small
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
‘It (discharge summary image) is very unclear
(Patient 1, female, high health literacy)
Suggestions for improving app functionalityAlarm feature
Adjustment scale feature
Help guide
‘It would be nice if anything turns red that the phone rings or alarms are there.’ (sic)
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
‘These adjustment bars they are actually of no use. Because the spacing is really small.’
‘The scale (BP) have (sic) to be completely different representative
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
‘The symptoms what I noticed was, if some patients who may want to understand, what is better, what is much worse mean’ ‘like on what basis do I tell much better? If there is a help guide or something like that’
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
  • BP, blood pressure.