Table 3

Feasibility of the app and impact of pilot intervention

Overall experience using appGood improvement, daily monitoring
Good experience, maintained health well, reduced hospitalisation
Very positive, friendly to use, part of routine
‘I have good improvement ma’am with this app. What exactly it is means (sic) like from this I came to know what is my blood pressure, day to day routine thing and the heart rate also I maintained.’ ‘Plus, the water intake and medicines like what time to what time like it will be mentioned in that.’
(Patient 1, female)
‘In this critical situation (COVID-19 situation) this is the best option’. ‘It has become a habit, daily everyday morning we have to do all these things’
‘People are not able to come to the hospital so we can give him then through phone call or any video conference or video call something or this kind of app will be helpful in future also going forward’
(Caregiver of Patient 2, male)
‘I got lot of good experience’ ‘I maintained myself very well.’ ‘Usually, I used to get hospitalized a lot but now it has become less.’
(Patient 1, female)
‘I would say the experience have been very positive. What I mean by positive is the app is really friendly to use.’ ‘And once you start using this, it becomes the part of your routine.’
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
Interaction with study staffChange in treatment plan, helpful
Provided solutions
Dedicated, committed, knowledgeable, professional and patient -friendly
‘I was not keeping well, my legs got swollen, my stomach got swollen, so I used to contact mam’ ‘according to the doctors she used to tell me the prescription’ ‘There was lots of help sir’ (Patient 1, female)
‘There were 3 or 4 occasions where the issue was to be escalated right’ ‘we contacted you and you provided us with a solution’ (Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
‘Dedicated to this and committed and you were very knowledgeable and you were highly professional and patient friendly.’ ‘Immediate triage that is the most significant aspect of this.’ (Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
Impact of training on HF self-monitoringTraining on symptoms, signs of worsening led to awareness and improved self-monitoring‘From this app I came to know that, particularly I used to check all these things (blood pressure, weight)’
(Patient 1, female, high health literacy)
‘All the symptoms you people explained me from that I got lot of education’. ‘I have improved a lot sir, like I used to know what exactly happens if I take lot of fluids.’
(Patient 1, female)
‘It is improved. On daily basis also he is taking care of all’ (Caregiver of Patient 2, male)
‘It had great value. I will tell you why doctor.’ ‘He used to drink as much water as possible’ ‘This whole weight management aspect we never actually took into consideration’ ‘swelling of legs as an indicator to overall heart condition” ‘being aware of what is the threshold level for BP
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
Satisfaction with the teamSuggestions and support to solve problems
Quick resolution of problems, perfect
‘I had many times problems, I used to contact you, you will be suggesting, you will be contacting doctors, give me proper prescription’ ‘You have supported me a lot.’
(Patient1, female)
‘As soon as possible you used to contact me and you used to suggest me’ ‘the anxiety aspect was removed.’ ‘I think it was perfect.’ ‘On a scale of ten I would give it 11’
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
After stopping app useSelf-maintenance‘I’m noting down in a book and I’m WhatsApping (sic) you. Everyday I’m maintaining” ‘In my one book I’m maintaining.’ (Patient 1, female)
‘I am doing. Up to date I am doing. Till today’
(Patient 2, male)
Suggestions to improve the appVideo call option
Chat tool within app
‘If it is a video call it will be better’ (Patient1, female)
‘Can’t your app actually have a chat interface wherein I can post?’
(Caregiver of Patient 3, male)
  • BP, blood pressure; HF, heart failure.