Table 7

My information sources during the pandemic are mainly

No information75 (7.3%)
Public TV and radio461 (44.7%)
Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)66 (6.4%)
Scientific original publications65 (6.3%)
Alternative media (Websites, Youtube, alternative newspapers on the internet)102 (9.9%)
Own analysis of publicly available data (eg, RKI, CDC, ECDC, PEI)79 (7.6%)
Traditional newspapers and magazines (eg, SZ, SZ-online, Spiegel, Spiegel-online)117 (11.3%)
Exchange with colleagues and friends55 (5.3%)
Other sources*12 (0.1%)
  • *Mix of all of them, RKI,, other news, school, mix of scientists in media and TV.

  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; ECDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; PEI, Paul Ehrlich Institut; RKI, Robert Koch Institut; SZ, Süddeutsche Zeitung; TV, television.