Table 5

In vaccinated only (n=855): COVID-19 positive test, potential side effects and potential improvements (yes answers only), beliefs

COVID-19+ test since vaccination84 (9.8%)771 (90.2%)
Potential side effects…
 Thrombosis or embolies12 (1.4%)
 Psychological stress60 (7.0%)
 Other problems with blood vessel22 (2.6%)
 Lack of stamina66 (7.7%)
 Immunological problems23 (2.7%)
 None of the above721 (84.3%)
Better since vaccination because of…
 Relief126 (14.7%)
 More stamina28 (3.3%)
 Other physical problems disappeared20 (2.3%)
 Better social integration127 (14.8%)
 Better immune function42 (4.9%)
 None of the above595 (69.6%)
 Vaccination protects from infecting others with COVID-19608 (71.1%)247 (28.9%)
 Vaccination protects oneself from contracting COVID-19301 (35.2%)554 (64.8%)
  • *Frequencies of no answers are given where forced entry avoided missing data, else only yes answers provided and the rest is due to missing data, because the answer was not forced to be either yes or no.