Table 1

The Corona Orthodoxy Score—items and scaling

1. SarsCov2 is less infectious (1), equally (2), more infectious (3), much more infectious (4) than seasonal influenza1–4Use score
2. Infection fatality rate is lower than influenza (1), equal (2), higher (3), much higher (4)1–4Add score to sum
3. The challenge to the health system with COVID-19 is less (1), equal (2), higher (3), much higher (4) than with influenza1–4Add score to sum
4. Altogether, with SARS-CoV2 the immune system (0) is more important, or the virus (1)?0/1Add score to sum
5. With vaccine development, one should have followed the normal sequence (2), it was good to speed up (3); no vaccines are necessary (1)1–3Add score to sum
6. Altogether, more damage was done by the virus (no/yes)0/1Add score to sum
7. Altogether, more damage was done by the non-pharmaceutical Interventions (no/yes)0/1Reverse code and add score to sum