Table 3

Association with entry into M$V (n=2362)

OR95% CI
Male0.756**0.574 to 0.994
Age 25–341.0070.624 to 1.624
Age 35–441.2300.750 to 2.019
Age 45–491.2940.736 to 2.274
Age 50–541.860†1.070 to 3.235
Age 55–641.3160.799 to 2.167
Age 65–740.534*0.285 to 1.003
Age 75 above0.145‡0.055 to 0.381
Having a child under 180.8910.652 to 1.216
High school graduated0.8160.509 to 1.309
Some college1.0780.705 to 1.648
University and above1.2800.821 to 1.994
Income: 25th–50th percentile1.3390.871 to 2.060
Income: 50th–75th percentile1.3170.827 to 2.097
Income: 75th percentile and above1.5310.913 to 2.568
Income: refused1.987†1.123 to 3.515
Industry: agriculture, forestry and fishing0.6470.237 to 1.765
Industry: mining0.9170.184 to 4.581
Industry: manufacturing0.5290.227 to 1.233
Industry: electricity, gas, water and waste services0.151*0.020 to 1.153
Industry: construction and wholesale0.8850.465 to 1.685
Industry: retail trade1.0850.674 to 1.746
Industry: accommodation and food services0.448*0.187 to 1.076
Industry: transport, postal and warehousing0.212‡0.066 to 0.682
Industry: media and telecommunication0.6990.319 to 1.531
Industry: financial and insurance services0.4300.185 to 1.002
Industry: rental, hiring, and real estate services0.4870.098 to 2.417
Industry: professional, scientific and technical0.7000.356 to 1.376
Industry: administrative and support services0.7420.331 to 1.667
Industry: public administration and safety0.9970.460 to 2.161
Industry: education and training0.8390.434 to 1.623
Industry: healthcare and social assistance0.8300.495 to 1.391
Industry: arts and recreation services1.3900.469 to 4.121
Industry: other services0.625*0.357 to 1.094
Living in rural1.0950.830 to 1.445
Victoria1.703‡1.208 to 2.401
Queensland1.668†1.038 to 2.680
South Australia1.3630.797 to 2.330
Western Australia2.170‡1.277 to 3.685
Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Northern Territory1.1920.620 to 2.293
Fully vaccinated rate by local government area1.017‡1.004 to 1.030
With financial stress1.1010.836 to 1.450
Satisfied with policy0.9730.715 to 1.326
Not satisfied with policy0.744*0.528 to 1.049
Voting liberal or national1.0320.719 to 1.482
Voting labour1.1120.790 to 1.564
Voting greens or democrats0.7120.441 to 1.149
Wave 45 (15–19 November 2021)1.0550.812 to 1.371
Constant0.034‡0.010 to 0.116
  • Notes: Results are based on logistic regressions and the estimates are all weighted. Respondents who serve as a baseline for categorical variables are in the youngest age group (18–24), income is below the 25th percentile, education below high school, being unemployed or do not know the industry that they are in, living in NSW, without voting preference and indifferent policy satisfaction.

  • *P value <0.10.

  • †P value <0.05.

  • ‡P value <0.01.

  • M$V, Million Dollar Vaccination Campaign.