Table 4

Logistic regression analysis of self-care behaviours in patients with type 2 diabetes

VariablesBOR95% CIP value
Gender1.5444.6813.145 to 6.968<0.001
Age0.2071.2300.814 to 1.8590.325
Marital status−0.2730.7610.482 to 1.2030.242
Educational level0.165
Account nature−0.3720.6890.363 to 1.3100.256
Work status−0.3470.7070.406 to 1.2290.219
Household registration−0.7550.4700.207 to 1.0640.070
Personal monthly income−0.0570.9440.562 to 1.5880.829
Household size (persons)−0.1710.8430.577 to 1.2330.379
Family history of diabetes−0.2310.7940.522 to 1.2080.281
Distance from the primary health institution closest to home0.1941.2140.829 to 1.7790.319
Resident0.4161.5160.889 to 2.5850.127
Health insurance0.472
Perceived susceptibility0.4281.5340.458 to 5.1410.488
Perceived severity1.4834.4061.341 to 14.4790.015
Perceived benefits1.9306.8891.752 to 27.0970.006
Perceived barriers−6.5980.0010.000 to 0.010<0.001
Perceived effectiveness1.3143.7210.710 to 19.5100.120
  • Reference group: male; age <65 years; married; illiterate; non-agricultural; work status: no; local; personal monthly income <1000; household size <3; family history of diabetes: no; diatance <1 km; rural; health insurance: others; western. outcome measure: scores of self-care behaviours ≤3.

  • Bold value indicates P value less than 0.05.