Table 2

Demographics of the sample, N=530

AgeMean age 20.33 years (SD=2.66), range 14–26 years
Gender identity64.3% female, 30.0% male and 5.7% gender diverse (gender diverse refers to any gender identity that is not either ‘male’ or ‘female’, includes non-binary, transgender, intersex, genderqueer, agender and others)
Sex at birth69.2% female, 30.7% male
Indigenous status2.3% Aboriginal, 97.7% non-Indigenous
Primary language90.9% English, 2.8% Chinese, 1.9% other Asian, 0.6% other European, 3.8% other undefined
Disability status7.4% reported living with a disability (3.0% with physical disability, 2.5% with psychological, 1.9% with developmental disability), 87.4% stated ‘no disability’, 5.3% of users declined to answer
Living situation72.4% live with family, 17.0% live in shared accommodation, 10.2% live independently, 0.4% are homeless
Relationship status63.8% are single, 25.0% are dating, 9.7% are living with partner, 1.5% declined to answer
Sexual identity58.3% are straight, 6.6% are gay/lesbian, 23.1% are bisexual and 11.6% are other sexuality
Level of education20.3% at high school, 42.6% completed year 12, 15.3% completed certificate or diploma, 19.5% completed undergraduate degree, 2.3% completed postgraduate degree