Table 2

Data extraction table

Article informationTitle
Affiliations with author(s)
Main discipline of lead author
Year of publication (based on the first identifiable date)
Journals on which studies were published and the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) impact factor
Language of publication
Type of the literature
Other potential factors
PopulationSample size
Inclusion and exclusion criteria of the individual study
Age of the participants
Sex of participants
Diagnostic codes to define dementia
Type of dementia reported
Comorbidities or exposures investigated
Methods/resultsStudy designs reported
Time length/follow-up time
Subsets of database
Whether and what methods used to validate the selection of diagnostic codes to define dementia
Whether and what additional methods to increase the likelihood of dementia diagnosis used
Statistical methods
The number of people with dementia identified
Prevalence, if any
Main outcomes of the studies and the estimation such as incidence and mortality, if reported
Other reported health-related outcomes