Table 4

Geographical regions (SA3) with HCP indicators above* or below† 95% CI

IndicatorsNumber of SA3s outside 95% CISA3s included (≥20), N%
High sedative load*3332210.2
 With dementia142565.5
 Without dementia293209.1
Antipsychotic use*53231.5
 With dementia22670.8
 Without dementia83212.5
Chronic opioid use*4332313.3
Antibiotic use*3332310.2
Premature mortality*153234.6
Medication-related adverse events*132625.0
Weight loss or malnutrition*3026211.5
Delirium and/or dementia hospitalisations*152286.6
ED presentation*3025112.0
Pressure injury*172626.5
Chronic disease management plan†6732320.7
Home medicines review†3532310.8
Wait-time >90 days*3027910.7
  • A total of n=332 SA3 level regions included in the study nationally and n=266 SA3 level regions for the state-based hospitalisation indicators.

  • *Number of SA3s above 95% CI.

  • †Number of SA3s below 95% CI.

  • ED, emergency department; HCP, home care package; SA3, Statistical Areas Level 3.